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Great ocean road hinterland


Phillip island conservation

Conservation Efforts

Phillip Island Nature Parks is a unique conservation organisation that was established in 1996. It operates as a not-for-profit organisation to help protect the conservation of the local wildlife and habitat.

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Wildlife Rescue

Phillip Island Nature Parks performs Wildlife Rescue operations across the island and runs a clinic for sick and injured animals, with trained staff on-call daily to attend wildlife rescue calls

wildlife rescue on phillip island
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planting for the penguin parade centre

Wildlife Protection

Phillip Island Nature Parks and local community groups work closely together to monitor and protect hooded plovers, seals, short-tailed shearwaters, and a number of other animal species. 

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Wildlife Clinic

The Clinic is purpose built to care for Phillip Island’s sick and injured native wildlife. Starvation, road trauma, pet or feral animal attacks, oil spills and boat trauma are common causes of admittance to the Clinic.

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Planting a Tree on phillip island


Revegetation officers coordinates the collection of indigenous seeds and cuttings, raising of seedlings and planting programs to rehabilitate damaged ecosystems and increase populations of endangered plant species.

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Phillip Island Nature Parks monitors the health of wetlands across Phillip Island (most of which are of international significance) by undertaking frog surveys, bird counts and water quality testing.

assessing the wetlands on phillip island
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Forest Fire on phillip island

Fire Management

Fire can have a devastating short and long term effect on colonial nesting species such as little penguins and short-tailed shearwaters due to their synchronous breeding. Preventative burning is therefore carried out, to prevent the occurrence of fires, and minimise the danger of the spread of fires

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Volunteering Work

Volunteers come from far and wide to help The Nature Parks organisation with their research, Conservation and Education work we undertake across the island. Posh Penguins staff actively participate in the programme.

Group Planting a Tree as part of phillip island's volunteer programme
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phillip island's conservation achievements

The Island's Conservation Achievements

From re-planting over 250 000 indigenous plants, the re-introduction of the critically endangered Eastern barred bandicoot, (which is extinct in the wild in mainland Victoria), to making the entire island fox free are just a few of the recent achievements made by Phillip Island Nature Parks.

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