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The great ocean road hinterland



Why Visit The Great Ocean Road?

The Great Ocean Road is simply one of the world's most scenic coastal drives, complete with stunning beaches, waterfalls, walks, forests and stunning wildlife, all broken up by cute little picturesque coastal towns dotted along the way, not to mention its wildlife.

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How Many Days Do I Need For The Great Ocean Road?

Although we do run 1 Day tours The Great Ocean Road, we recommend you allow 2 days to experience it, due to sheer number of kilometres needed to drive the road and the array of different attractions on offer. You will also get the opportunity to stay overnight in the cute town of Apollo Bay, nicknamed by locals as 'Paradise By the Sea'.

Great Ocean Road
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Rock Formations

The 12 Apostles are just one of a number of incredible rock formations situated along The Great Ocean Road. These soaring pillars, which have been chiselled out of limestone over 10 to 20 million years rise up majestically from the Southern Ocean, are a photographers dream.

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There are many different Rainforests to view. Our favourite to take guests to, is Maits Rest and Melba Gully, where the boardwalks has been built over the tree-fern gullies and moss-covered roots of these ancient rainforest trees, protecting the delicate ecosystem while providing you with unique views of the forest.

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Aside from being one of the most scenic spots in Australia, The Great Ocean Road also boasts an abundance of wildlife with an incredible array of bright rainbow coloured Lorikeet Parrots - perhaps they are trying to tell us something?!!


It also has one of the highest concentration's of wild koala's. Wild kangaroo's and wallabies are also in abundance.

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The Otway national park waterfalls are beautiful and varied. There are a number of waterfalls that you can choose to visit, based on your interests, fitness levels and the time of year that you choose to visit.

local lorne waterfall
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Great Ocean Road Memorial Archway and sculpture

History of the road

The Great Ocean Road is a memorial to the lost lives and sacrifices of the Australian diggers in world war one. Having lived as residents on the road for over a decade, On the tour, you will learn about their story and the effects the road has had on the townships that we pass through.

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Guided Walks

The region is home to a multitude of incredible walks. From guided walked through Ancient Rainforests to secret waterfall walks. If you love your hiking then you are in luck - so do we!!

Guided Walks
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Things To Do

Where to start?! Aside from the sightseeing, walks, beaches and gourmet delights, there is also an abundance of activities to do, such as zip lining, horse riding, fishing, canoeing, yoga, to name but a few. Contact us if you wish to add an activity onto your itinerary.

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